13 Nov 13


Your smile lights up a room, you have the biggest heart of anyone I know. Your ability to let the unimportant things go is truly remarkable. I’m so lucky I found [&hellip

20 Jun 13


You are a star. Even though you can drive me mental I know I can count on you to be there for me through the hard times always trying to [&hellip

29 Nov 12

Elizabeth Watson

Liz Watson is one of the hardest workers I’ve ever known. She always brightens up a room when she does the sloppy swish. &nbsp

05 Nov 12

Beth “Bonza Pie” Hepworth

Bess is the essence of creativity and fun – a woman of ideas – and a true friend

09 Mar 12

Rachel, Feminist and Writer Extraordinaire.

There are a lot of strong women in my life, but I have to shine some spotlight onto writer, feminist and amazing best friend Rachel Hills. Not only has she [&hellip

28 Feb 12


Because although you’re really good at a lot of different stuff, you’re even better being a great friend, colleague, son, & older brother

27 Feb 12


The kindest and best mentor a young guy starting off his career could have

16 Feb 12


You are the most patient and humble person I know. Thank you for quietly shaping me

16 Feb 12


We all have flaws but you fight hard against your own and always demand to be better. You are tragic and brave, and you never gave up on me. Thank [&hellip

16 Feb 12


You are the personification of loving kindness and boldness. Thank you for being my mama

16 Feb 12


Survived a genocide, hustled to keep his family fed in refugee camps, worked 3 jobs to give his kids the best opportunities…all the while remaining optimistic, humble, and kind-hearted

16 Feb 12


You are a great friend through and through. I have been lucky to count you in my life for the long heart to hearts, the countless advice, the ridiculous fun [&hellip

Maria De Los Angeles Ramos
15 Feb 12

Maria De Los Angeles Ramos.

My mother is an amazing person and like nobody else

monica tan
15 Feb 12

Monica Tan.

Monica is the best person I know because she is creative, kind, incredibly intelligent, deep, interesting, inquisitive, passionate, brave, funny, proactive, energetic and has a strong sense of integrity. But [&hellip

15 Feb 12

My sister Grace.

My sister Grace and I once argued about which of us was cuter as kid. Well Grace, after seeing this photo I’m hereby conceding you were definitely the cuter kid! [&hellip

15 Feb 12


Well, because you ARE truly the best human being I know&#

15 Feb 12

“Big pig mel”.

She is my sister, and she is my role model. She epitomizes kindness, generosity, love, equality and strength. Her love holds no boundaries and she shows the same acceptance and [&hellip

15 Feb 12

Phuntso Dekyi Full of Happiness.

Striding upstream, eyes set beyond the ridge, sinking in deep currents, still striding, cutting through deep blue woods, loss of blood, despair love and hate, still emerging, emerging near the [&hellip

15 Feb 12


My mom, aka GG (glorious grandma) is one of the best people i know and love. She’s my rock and one of the greatest blessings in my life &lt

15 Feb 12


Thank you to be a part of my life! you’re the best person i know